Halloween Party Treats

A Tray of Spooky Treats

Every year we have a pumpkin carving party before Halloween. Our grown children and their families and a few friends usually come over. This year the timing didn’t work out well so it was a small group this year.

The kids each got a coffin treat box and one of the Bone Appetite Paper Pumpkin Kit Treat Boxes. I also added those silly wind up snapping teeth toys. They were all hits. The pumpkin carving went great too, but I forgot to get a photo! Here are some photo’s of the coffin assembly.

Coffin Bottom

The Stampin’ Up! Coffin Treat Boxes were easy to put together. There are so many fun ways that these could be decorated, but of course, I was doing these the night before the party so I stuck with one basic design. I used the Basic Pattern Masks and either white ink or Shimmery Embossing Paste which was colored black.

Add Tear N Tape to the tabs for both the bottoms and the tops.

I added the tape to the tabs first, then folded on all the score lines, and then removed the protective from the adhesive one tab at a time to put the boxes together. The coffin tops with the embossing paste were a bit harder to do on the ones that I got embossing paste on the tabs, but it all worked out fine.

Satin lined coffin.

For an added touch, I adhered some ribbon to the inside edge of the coffin bottom. I wish the ribbon had been wider, but when doing things last minute, use what’s available. To adhere the ribbon, I added a strip of Tear n Tape to the back side, and then peeled it off as I went around the coffin.

Add Tear n Tape to back side of ribbon.
Add a fun paper to the inside bottom

I added a fun designer series paper to the inside bottom as well. I just traced around the bottom of the coffin and then cut inside my lines to fit. Of course, once the Sweet Tart Skulls n Bones candy bags were inside, the bottom paper didn’t show.

For something different this year, I had the kids each make an 8″x 8″ Halloween sampler. They liked it so much that the older 2 carried their frames around the house with them. It made this grandma’s heart happy.

Bryson’s Sampler

They each designed their own sampler, choosing the paper, colors and stamps. Bryson is 8 and did his stamping and design all by himself. I was impressed by how straight he got his words.

Huntley’s Sampler

Huntley is 5 and loves bats, can you tell? He had a little help with stamping but he chose all of his colors. Right now this is Huntley’s camera smile.

Wyatt’s Sampler

Wyatt is 3 and did all of his stamping himself. The middle square on the bottom looks like he added a fingerprint signature. He was busy having a snack and didn’t really feel like getting his picture taken but he humored me, sort of.

I really enjoy crafting with children. It’s chaotic and messy but they are so creative. Just remember to let them create and don’t tell them how their project should look. It’s amazing what they can come up with and a great way to get some new ideas for your own work.

Hope you have a great Halloween!


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