Scrapbooking Fun

If you follow my blog, you know that I don’t often share photos of scrapbook pages. Cards are what I spend most of my creative time on, but I do occasionally do some scrapbooking. I tend to be very disorganized, (even more so than my card making) and I could even use bits and pieces from the trash, the junk drawer in the kitchen or the bottom of my paper stash that is 20 years deep. As I realized that Christmas is on the horizon again, I also realized that I haven’t finished scrapbooking last years’ Christmas photos yet, lol. So, I don’t have a card to share today, because I have been busy catching up on my scrapbooks. I do one for each of my 6 grandchildren, 5 different Christmas ones and I have one devoted to our time at the cabin. Here are a few of the pages that I’ve completed in the past week.

I had to use the Dinoraur paper for Isaac’s birthday to match his dinosaur cake.
This day, fishing with Isaac and watching his excitement was one of my top 10 days this past year. It was a perfect day.
I had fun using the new Curvy Dies and the Border Dies for this Christmas page for Salem.
As I pack for this year’s traditional MEA family camping trip, I remember all the fun we had last year. And yes, Mr. Salem does have some attitude as you can tell from the center photo! He is my youngest grandson, at least until May 2021.
Salem’s Sampler
Zen’s Sampler

I just had to share these last two photos of samplers that my 5 and almost 3 year old grandson made with my September Paper Pumpkin Kit left over pieces. I had to help with the Stampin’ Seal and some placement, but only when they requested the help. It’s hard not to tell them what I think they should do, but they come up with some pretty creative ideas when left alone to design their own creations.

Hope some of this inspires you to capture some of your memories!


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