Red Velvet Poinsettia Christmas Card


Time for another sketch challenge with the STARS demonstrator group. Today, I wanted to try out the embossing dies from the Poinsettia Die set with the Red Velvet paper. I’ve stamped on the Red Velvet Paper with good results and was pretty sure that the paper would look beautiful embossed as well. I can happily report that it does indeed look beautiful embossed!

Embossed Red Velvet Poinsettia Close Up

The Red Velvet paper took the embossing well. The embossing dies made a nice deep impression in the fuzzy velvet.

Here is the layout sketch that inspired this card. I did throw in a bit of a curve on my card. I made my vertical layer longer then on the sketch and my flower is full on rather than from the side. I also added the reindeer. He actually jumped on the card all by himself. I had the reindeer laying on my table for another card that I had been working on and he just seemed to want to be on this card, lol. I really haven’t used the Plush Poinsettia Speciality paper much before. I’m always a little intimidated by vellum papers. Ordinary tape runner adhesives show when using on vellum so for this large piece I had to adhere it in more than a spot behind something that would cover the adhesive. I used a Silicone Craft Sheet and squirted a glob of Liquid Glue onto it, then sprayed some water into it to thin it. Next, I used a piece of a sponge to mix the glue and water and then to sponge onto the back of the vellum.

I used the Beaded Pearls for the center of the Poinsettia on this card, but if I were going to make a bunch of these to mail for Christmas, I would make paper centers using the dies in the Poinsettia Die set.


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