Christmas Decorations

I go a little overboard with Christmas decoration, okay, okay, a lot overboard. When The Card Concept Challenge asked for sharing a photo of our Christmas tree or decorations, I thought, “this is right up my alley”. This year, so few people have been over to my house to even see my decorations that I decided to walk around my house photographing my decorations and sharing with you.

Here’s my tree. We used to always have a real tree until last year when I purchased this marvel of technology. It’s prelit and grows from 7 to 9′ with the touch of a remote control.

I collect the Frosty Friends Hallmark ornaments and a few years ago they came out with these animated figures. They fascinate my grandsons.

I love Nativity sets. Most of them have been gifts but this one, I actually bought myself.

My solarium is a great place to enjoy a sunny afternoon with some pretty snowflakes and stars hanging from the ceiling.

This Nativity was my mother’s and I inherited it when she passed away. The ceramic Christmas tree was made years ago when I took a ceramics class.

Santa and his elf are busy working in the rec room.

Even my carousel ponies get festive.

This Santa was very special to my mom. She and my dad bought this to top their first Christmas tree back in 1949.

Although this handmade wreath is a bit tattered and faded, it’s a very special reminder of my Mother-in-law, Florence. She traced the hand of each of her grandchildren and made this wreath.

Do any of you remember these Santa cups? Both my mom and grandma had a set of these cuties. I have 5 survivors left.

This Nativity set is my most precious Christmas decoration. I can still remember as a small child, how excited I was when my grandmother would let me wind the crank and watch the kings circle while Silent Night played. I wind it up and let it play once a year. I have no idea how old this set is, maybe 60 or 70 years old.

This music box is probably the one that my kids and grandkids will remember turning on and watching, the way that I remember my grandmother’s Nativity set.

This banner was a kit from Stampin’ Up! I offered a class and we made this banner.

More hand made crafts from my mom and grandmother. A stuff and sew and a paint by number. My husband had to give the frame a little TLC this year before Santa could be hung.

This is the first thing guest see when they enter my house. I should have started our tour here but I’m always a bit mixed up so we’re doing the tour from the middle first.

I love all of the Christmas cards that I receive and hang each and everyone up. Once this wall is filled I move on to my hutch doors.

My Christmas village takes up two tables in my kitchen/dinning room. One side is my Victorian village.

This table is my country village. Notice the candles in the window. They are a Nativity set too. At one time when my kids were little we made a cardboard box stable for them, but it got too tattered a few years ago and got retired.

I snapped up this beauty at a garage sale and then added the fence.

My 9 year old grandson likes to move the skaters around when he comes over.

This tinsel tree was given to me by my grandmother when I was 8 years old. It sits between the two village tables. It’s a bit thinner than it was 50 years ago, but it still sparkles and creates splashes of magic lights on the ceiling of the dinning room when the sun shines. I even still have a few of the blue glass ornaments that my grandmother gave me and the strings of glass beads.

I was never too impressed by these plastic ornaments but I did save a couple of them.

Anyone remember these fun ornament kits with the little colored beads that get melted in the oven?

The sled dog excursion house was one that I had to have when I saw it. I used to race sled dogs for years.

These plaster houses were kits that my mom, grandma and I painted one year. Somewhere along the years one of them got lost.

The saw mill is this year’s new addition. We shop a lot at Menard’s, especially this past year while we have been doing some remodeling at our cabin.

Even the bathrooms need a little cheering up for Christmas!

I lusted after this Nativity set after seeing it in a Hallmark store a few years ago. My husband bought it for me as a Christmas present that year.

I hope that you have enjoyed my holiday tour.



  1. Dear Robyn, I feel as though I’ve been in Santa’s house! What a wondrous home of joy! I wish you could see the smile on my face. Thank you so much for the tour! It was a holiday treat! Blessings for a Happy and healthy New Year, and enjoy your Christmas too! Hugs, and thank you for sharing your home dressed up for the season!


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