My husband and I are on another adventure in Yellowstone National Park. It’s one of my favorite places to visit! It’s so interesting to see how everything changes over the years, but caused by natural occurrences and by man. I first visited the park in about 1995 and the biggest change that I remember from back then was the amount of people in the park. Now there are so many people that if you don’t get to an area early in the morning, there isn’t a parking spot! I can understand the allure though, because Yellowstone keeps drawing me back again and again too. Then there are the people who stop in the middle of the road (narrow) to see the scenery and take a picture when pull out is 50 feet away, lol.

Old Faithful

Old Faithful is a must see on every trip. I had some Bison meatloaf while waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces

The terraces at Mammoth are one of the features that seem to change every time we visit. The water flows in new directions and the old areas become dry and new areas begin to shine.

Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin seemed much less active than I remember, but it is probably because Steamboat Geyser is now active. We didn’t see it go off, but from the looks of the area around it I think it might be best not to be close when it goes off, lol. There were notices all over in the parking lot that your car could be damaged by the spray.

Steamboat Geyser

The area around Steamboat Geyser now looks like a war zone!

Fairy Falls

The Fairy Falls parking lot is always packed. If you want to see the falls, be sure to go early in the morning. It took us two tries to get a parking space on this trip. It’s a fairly flat hike but is about 5 miles round trip. The fall and hadn’t changed from the last time I was here 5 or 6 years ago, still gorgeous with a narrow band of water falling 197 feet. For some reason this hike really whipped both of us. We got back to the parking lot, looked at the stream of cars going by at a snails pace and decided to go back to our camper and take a nap. We are staying in West Yellowstone, Montana so that meant no more site seeing in the park, but we needed a break.

Imperial Geyser

If you continue on the trail past Fairy Falls for another 1/2 mile there are two geysers. The last time we walked here this geyser was just a pretty pool. Now it was almost continuously shooting water! Well worth the additional footsteps! We did not walk up to the overlook that you can see in the background so I can’t tell you if it was worth the hike, lol.

Here’s a photo of me in hiking mode. Being outdoors, hiking or gardening equals my love for crafting and stamping.

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