Chaos is the state of my crafting area today! I’ve decided to move an antique hutch that has been sitting in my garage for YEARS, yes, years, into the spare bedroom beside my craft room. I thought that the antique hutch would be a fitting place to store my antique (retired) stamp sets. That meant taking down the crib, that never seems to get used anymore. Then I decided might as well move everything out of the room, clean the carpet and start fresh! I always envy those stampers who have a pristine white stamp room in the background of their videos. Don’t worry though, you won’t ever see that in my videos because I’m more of a hair on end, nails a mess, craft room stuffed with treasures kind of girl.

So, this is what my living room looks like with all of the bedroom furniture dumped into it. I won’t have help carrying the hutch up from the garage until tomorrow so have to live with it like this another day. Thankfully, my card class that takes place tonight is downstairs.

Even a teeny tiny room looks nice with a clean carpet and window. Of course, being able to see the floor is nice too! It’s hard to believe that we stuffed 3 little boys into this room once upon a time!

I couldn’t get a picture without the reflection from the windows on the other side of the garage. The shelves are there too, just not in place. My neighbor was going to toss this on the fire one day and my husband rescued it. It must have been made by the same company as my grandmother’s hutch that I have in my kitchen. They have the same hardware and color and the edges are all done the same. The only difference is that my grandmother’s hutch has a center door and glass panels on each side of it. Way too pretty for a bon fire! It’s going to take a little elbow grease to get it cleaned up after all the years it’s been sitting in the garage though.

My word for the week from Yoga class is happiness. I feel like I haven’t been doing a good job of remembering it and focusing on it. I’m happy that I got my Covid booster shot on Monday. I’m also happy that my migraine from yesterday is gone. And, I saw this quote today from Thomas Edison, that reminds me that I can keep trying.

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

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  1. Wow, you have your work cut out for you, and who ever helps you tomorrow

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