Happy Memorial Day

Did you have a good Memorial Day weekend? Although, the weather wasn’t great we had a good weekend at out cabin. I like to call our cabin either the “Shack” or the “Lake” because we have a lake lot with a garage that we use for a gathering place. The important thing is that it’s a great place to get together. I had fun playing with 4 of my 6 grandsons and of course their parents. Saturday was cool, windy and a passable day. Sunday was beautiful. My son who owns “the boat” had to work, darn nurses don’t get every weekend off. So I didn’t get my holiday boat ride around the lake. My grandson Bryson did catch a nice bass off of the dock, he was pretty darn proud of his catch. Today was a wash out. It was already raining when we got up and continued until about the time we all headed home. We did get in some good game time. I even played toss the pig or something like that. I took the whole weekend off from stamping. I don’t do that very often, especially when I have an open house event coming up in a week! If you live in my area, I hope that you can stop by on Friday evening. I’ll have a couple of Make ‘n Takes ready by then, some sample cards made with items from the new catalog and most importantly a new catalog for you to take home! The open house runs from 6:30 to 8:30 at my home 3025 Vega Ave, Mayer, MN.

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