Wishes and Wonder Sleigh Ride

I love vintage Christmas decor and fun family outings. When our kids were young we would always go to a tree farm to cut down a fresh Christmas tree. They would have horse drawn wagon rides in lieu of sleigh rides because of the number of people, but I’ve always loved a sleigh. It’s just so romantic. My very pragmatic farmer husband has occasionally humored me when were on vacations and taken me on carriage rides. Someday, we might time a vacation or special occasion around a sleigh ride. The reindeer is stamped and die cut but all of the other images are stamped directly onto the card. I couldn’t find my post it notes to create a mask and used a piece of typing paper. I learned that it’s really important to use a post it note because they are thinner. I went back and touched up the edges of the trees behind the sleigh with a sponge but it would have looked better if I had used the correct material for the mask. I’m sharing this information so that you don’t make the same mistake that I did.

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