So Cool Paper Pumpkin

We have had an exciting weekend for our family, our new granddaughter Lilly was born yesterday! Big brother Isaac is spending the weekend with us. It was an unexpected turn of events because Lilly wasn’t due for a another 3 weeks, but Anna was experiencing some high blood pressure issues and the doctor decided it was time..

Lilly and Corey

So, I’m sure you are wondering how the So Cool Paper Pumpkin cards relate to Lilly’s birth? Well, our dog Max (beagle) decided to bark early this morning and wake Isaac up so I was brainstorming things for him to do and we decided to make cards for mom and Lilly. The So Cool Paper Pumpkin Kit was on my craft table so we started with that. The Paper Pumpkin Kits are really easy for kids and grandmas to work on together.

So Cool for Lilly

Isaac chose the colorful popsicle for Lilly and wanted to do the happy birthday greeting in his favorite color, green. Isaac is 4 by the way, and did a great job inking up the stamps and stamping them. He chose the greetings and colors. I think he did better pulling off the backers from the dimensionals than I usually do!

Inside of Lilly’s card

We found this fun greeting for Lilly’s card. It seemed to fit the occasion well.

So Cool for Mom

Isaac decided on the watermelon card for Mom. He decided on red ink for this card, and I pulled out the old Watermelon ink to match the theme of the card. Isaac liked the glimmer paper included in the So Cool Paper Pumpkin Kit so he placed the rectangular one under his greeting. He really liked the dimensionals so used them on this greeting as well.

Inside of Anna’s card

He wanted the inside to say Awesome for Mom so we found this greeting. We worked hard at the letters of his name, maybe another time we’ll work on putting them in a certain order, lol.

After making these two cards, Isaac looked at me and said that he wanted to make a card for Isaac too. So we made a third card.

So Cool for Isaac

Isaac decided he wanted to make himself a popsicle birthday card and he chose the second design for this card. I had to remind him that he did have a big birthday party about a month ago, as his birthday was the end of March. He wanted to add a piece twine on his card too, just like the card he made for Lilly.

Inside of Isaac’s card

He decided that he wanted his card to say Awesome as well! Isaac really liked the colorful envelope liners, they made a nice final element to the cards.

Robyn & Isaac

We had a great time making these cards together. If you want to make cards with kids these Paper Pumpkin Kits are great.

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