Final Fair Day!

It’s the last day of the Wright County Fair and I’ve had a wonderful time talking to everyone about stamping. It was so awesome this year having two friends who braved the heat and helped me at the booth. Thanks, Sandy and Darlene! It was a hot one! Thankfully, no huge storms or leaking roofs to deal with! I thought that I would share a few photos from the fair.

Fair Booth Building 4 Wright County Fair 2021

Bryson Pedal Pull Wright County Fair 2021
Huntley Petal Pull Wright County Fair 2021
Wyatt Petal Pull Wright County Fair 2021

I just had to share photos of my grandsons who came and competed in the Petal Pull Competition. They all did great, but darn, no trophies. They were super excited about getting a free pop but weren’t disappointed when they got a token for Culver’s instead, lol. It sure was nice to be able to dash out of the vendor building and see it, thanks to Sandy and Darlene! I was so impressed my the man running the Petal Pull, he was so encouraging to all of the kids.

I just had to share a photo of my Stargazer Lilies. They always amaze me, how such a small plant can have so many huge flowers! It was gorgeous out this morning while I was out watering my gardens. Here’s hoping for a nice (not so humid) last day of the fair.

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