Yellowstone Trip Part II

I’m always a bit sad when a trip is ending. We will have a few more stops on our way back to Minnesota, but I thought that I would share some more of my Yellowstone photos with you.

Lone Star Geyser

I think this guy looks like an elephant, how about you? If you have a bicycle the trip out to this geyser is much quicker. The path is an old road. We didn’t bring our bikes along so we hiked it this time, again. Lone Star Geyser goes off about every 3 hours, so bring a lunch and a good book. It’s worth the wait. It gives a good show and there are much smaller crowds. Less than a dozen this time.

Artists Paint Pots

This steaming hillside is at the Artists Paint Pots. It’s a short hike. The mud pots are at the top of the hill. They make the neatest sounds, plopping and glurping as they bubble thick mud. I love all the different sounds the the various features make.

Virginia Cascades

This pretty waterfall was on one of the little one way side roads that are in the park. It’s off of the road between Tower Junction and Norris. Many of the roads that go into scenic areas don’t allow trailers or RV’s so I’m glad that our camper was back at the campground in West Yellowstone. I’m also glad that I didn’t have to drive our big 1-Ton dually truck through the narrow roads!

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

This is one view that seems not to change. It’s just so colorful and so BIG. We didn’t do any hiking along the canyon rim but we did see a Pine Martin (at least that’s what we think it was) on the walk back to the parking lot.

Fishing Cone on Yellowstone Lake

The Fishing Cone on Yellowstone Lake is one of the things that I like to take a photo of on each trip to the park. It was a bit hazy out but if you look closely the mountains can be seen in the background.

I hope that you have enjoyed my views of Yellowstone NP. If you get a chance to visit it, do so! There are so many different ways to enjoy the park. Hiking backcountry trails, photographing the scenery, looking for animals, even just driving through the park is an adventure. But please, don’t stop in the middle of the road to take pictures! (Yes, really, people do.) Have a great day and stop back tomorrow for another fun Halloween card.

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