Birthday Cake

So this is my Strawberry Paw Patrol Cooking Theme Birthday Cake! For the cooking theme, I placed it on my grandmother’s fancy glass cake stand and left the frosting fluffy rather than smooth. Of course, the pups were leaving prints all over the cake, Salem said that those were the bad pups, lol. The first thing he did when he saw it was give a LOUD squeal of delight, so it was a hit. He loved that his name was on it too. It was three layers of cake so it looked pretty ‘grand’ on the footed cake stand. He’ll get to enjoy it for a few more days, because after the pile of pizzas we ate, the gang only ate half the cake.

His older brother was a bit envious of the star. He complained that his cake didn’t have a star on it. Now how the heck am I going to remember that when his birthday rolls around in June?

This donut piñata was almost uncrackable! The kids and adults all had multiple swings at before it finally gave up its treasures.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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