Angels of Peace

My house is in total chaos as I carry boxes of Christmas decorations into the (I hope) appropriate rooms! It used to take me about 3 days to get it all up, organized, and boxes stowed away, but as I’ve gotten older it now takes me about a week, lol. Mostly because I have to stop to enjoy all the memories that each item brings. To slow things down even more, I twisted my ankle, (walking down the driveway) and climbing stairs and ladders really aggravates it. I’ve had to take a few ankle breaks, take a painkiller and lay on the couch with my foot up.

This sweet little angel was colored with Watercolor Pencils and a Blender Pen was used to soften the pencil lines. The background was lightly colored using a Blending Brush.

The Champagne Rhinestones were added after a catastropy occurred. Something got stuck on the card and blemished the paper when I pulled it off. I don’t own this stamp set but had borrowed it from a friend and I loved this card, I had to save it! I was planning on adding the gems to the center of the stars, but I think by putting them over the worst of the blemished area, I was able to salvage the card.

This stamp set made me think of my mother-in-law. She had angels everywhere in her house. Now that I’ve gotten older, I realize that may not mean that she really LOVED having angels all over her house, but that everyone thought she needed angels all over her house because she liked them. Christmas is a joyful time, but it’s also a time when I think about the people that I love that are no longer here. When I get sad about them being gone, I try to pull out some of the wonderful memories that I have of them. See why it takes me so long to decorate!

If you would like to purchase the Angels of Peace stamp set to send some love to the real, living angels, in your life, click on the links below.

Product List

Blender Pens


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