Christmas Breather

I have been so busy over this past week that I didn’t have time to post yesterday and I don’t have any new cards to share. I played hooky on Friday and went shopping when a huge snow storm was predicted. My theory was that we were heading north to shop and the storm was predicted to hit in the south. We only saw 1 accident on the way home with two cars in the ditch. One was on its side and the woman was climbing out. Everyone looked to be on their feet and uninjured. I suspect that it was caused by someone trying to pass on the icy roads. Why don’t people just SLOW down. I found the last two Christmas gifts that I needed, so now I need to get busy wrapping. We had a wonderful meal the the Texas Roadhouse in St. Cloud, but darn, why are the portions so HUGE, I could have fed my whole family with my meal. Luckily, at this time of the year, doggie bags are just fine left in the car.

The vendors at the Montrose Craft Fair yesterday were offering a wonderful array of handcrafted items. Customer traffic was a bit thin though, probably due to the piles of snow that everyone had to shovel. The Gifts Galore Paper Pumpkin treat boxes were a big conversation piece as well as Santa in the chimney. The Gifts Galore boxes were filled them with little toys instead of candy. Darn, sorry, I thought I hid my pop and chips better when I took this pic!

I loved this picture from a free clip art site. I used it to advertise my Christmas Tea which I this last Thursday. I envision things like this but the photo below is how my life really looks.

I did buy a new tea kettle for the event. My old one fell apart a few years ago and we have been using the microwave since. This one is so pretty that I’m going to need to find a place to display it!

I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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