Happy New Year!

It’s been a crazy week for me! As I was tearing down all the Christmas decorations and making mental packing lists for our 3 month stay in Florida, I learned that a former co-worker and friend passed away from Covid. Get your shots! It’s so sad. He had just cut down to 3 days at work in preparation of retiring. His family told me that when they opened his lunch box, he had every one of the greeting cards that I had given him in there. It makes me tear up just to think of it. When we put love into making our cards, it does make a difference.

Minnesota Thursday Morning

We headed south on Thursday morning. Other than a pesky check engine light we didn’t have any problems on the trip. We did see several accidents along the way but thankfully were not involved in any. Why do people drive so fast!

We made it to our destination in Lake Wales, Florida yesterday afternoon. It was HOT out. We were so tired from the drive that after setting up we made supper and crashed. I wanted to get in a bike ride or walk but just didn’t have the energy. I can see why my husband would be tired, he did all the driving, put really why should I have been so tired, all I did was sit and play games on my phone, lol!

Remember tomorrow is the last day to get your favorite products from the July to December Mini Catalog! If I promised to mail you a new January to June Mini and Sale-a-bration catalog, it will go in the mail tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the weather wherever you are. Even it means looking out the window from your craft room enjoying the frost on the trees.

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  1. Happy New Year, I hope you have a marvelous 3 months of warmth. So sorry for your coworkers passing, it is 4 degrees now. I am selling my cards at the Carpenter’s Daughter store in Watertown. Take care

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