Happy Mother’s Day

I was being nostalgic this morning and looking through my old photos. My kids are all coming over for lunch and I think I will pull out some old photo albums and scrapbooks for some conversation starters.

This card features a tea cup and borders created with the scoring blade of a trimmer. I think this scoring technique was one of the first techniques that I taught for Creative Cards Class!

This was a tag for a Mother’s Day gift that I gave my mom. I hope that you appreciate your mom, I know I sure miss my mom.

I remember being puzzled in how I would use this stamp that was a brush stroke and then fell in love with it!

There is a current tulip that set that is awesome too.

I had forgotten these cute window boxes dies! This has been really fun looking through old photos. I’m heading to my shelf to pull out those old photo albums right now!

I hope that you enjoy this special day wether you get to spend it with you mom or just spend some time thinking about her.

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