Saturday Morning at the Lake

Yesterday was the kind of day that is the reason Minnesotans love their lakes! I don’t have any awesome pictures to share today or fun card photos so I’ll have to paint a picture with words instead.

It was a perfect floatie day! Hot and still. My son Nick inflated a whole gaggle of floaties and we all grabbed one and jumped in the lake. We did have to tie up Sweetheart, the Golden Retriever pup for fear that she would pop all of the floaties, but even Max the old beagle got in the fun by wadding out as deep as he could without having to swim.

Those of us who were ambitious, son Nick and DIL Karissa, did some tubing and skiing behind their jet ski. I just laid on my floatie and watched them. I did find that once again, my skills at applying sun screen could use a little upgrading. Maybe I should put the sunscreen on before the swim suit so that I don’t miss that edge right against the suit? Oh well at least it wasn’t the whole leg that got burnt.

After we were all waterlogged, part of the crew headed off to enter their car in a car show and I and three boys had a little Kubb Tournament. Kubb is a redneck yard game involving tossing sticks to knock down other sticks. Ours is a homemade version giving to us by our friend Sheldon. We declared grandson Huntley the Kubb King! We took turns, Bryson, Wyatt and I being his partner and his team won every game!

My son Ethan’s pup, Sweetheart learned that swimming is fun and now we have to watch her like a hawk. I think we may need to have the same rules for her as the small kids up at the lake. If you are going to be playing by the dock you need to have a life jacket on! She swims like a fish but she also has taken to just heading out across the lake. We’re all a bit worried that she might drown if she goes too far and gets tired. She also likes to retrieve rocks from the lake, lol, now we have to pick up rocks from the lawn before we can mow. Let’s hope that she outgrows some of her new habits.

Half of our crew left early this morning for a Cub Scout event and the rest of us are planning on heading to see the Dassel History Museum and maybe getting in some more floatie time. I suspect that Bryson might even do a little fishing too.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and get some time to enjoy the outdoors.

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