Sometimes accidents happen. We get inky finger prints on cards, a glue gob where it wasn’t supposed to land or a card flops over and lands in an ink pad. Here are a few tips on how to avoid or fix those mistakes.

  1. Always close ink pads when not using
  2. Use as little adhesive as possible
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Use a silicone sheet for gluing and move out of the way when done gluing
  5. Make a boo boo repair kit
    1. adhesive eraser
    2. pencil eraser
    3. pen eraser
    4. rhinestones

This poor guy fell into the well (I couldn’t resist!) actually he fell onto an open ink pad. I tried covering it with a piece of the designer paper but there was too much ink on the card base. It was way too big to cover with gems. I could have just tossed the card, but instead I saw this as a challenge. How could I fix this?

I ended up finding this little moose and gnome from another design of the Storybook Gnomes Designer Series Paper, and cutting them to shape to cover the ink blotch. Want to see how this tower card was created, watch my Gnome Tower Card Tutorial to see a fall version of this card.

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