Hallows Night Magic Fold Back Pop Up Card

I decided to make a Fold Back Pop Up card using the Hallows Night Magic stamp set. The large spider is a perfect size for the diamond pieces. I used the label image stamp and stamped with Gray Granite ink around all 4 sides of the white diamond pieces before stamping the spiders. I was undecided about the center diamond, whether I should put another spider there or the words, but I decided to go with the words. For the large diamond on the inside of the card, I used the same technique, stamping the label image around the edges, but I did use a post it note to mask off the center area while I was doing the stamping on this larger piece. Then I added the little spiders all the way around the diamond. For directions and dimensions to create the Fold Back Pop Up card go my blog from Easter https://robynsroost.blog/2020/03/30/fold-back-pop-up-easter-card/just substitute the Halloween items for the Easter ones. For this card, I decided to put the Iridescent Pearls on the corners and the spot between the large spiders, but they do add a pretty cool effect to the spiders if you add one to the head and one to the body


Click on the links below to purchase the supplies to create this card.

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