Scrapbook Sunday

I managed to get a few more scrapbook pages done, so I thought that I would share them with you today. I’m afraid that I’m not going to get all of the pages done that I brought with me but that just means that I was busy having fun doing other things, right? I never seem to be able to focus on my scrapbooks at home so there is a possibility that the remaining pages might be ready for next years winter trip, lol.

Family Vacation August 2020 Wyatt

We had originally planned a much more elaborate week long family vacation, but due to covid we switched it up and decided to pack up the camping gear and 4-wheelers and do a more outdoorsy trip. It worked out great! I think the highlight of the trip was the tree over the trail. We had a storm during the night and the next morning when we headed out the trails were water covered and this large tree was across the trail. The smaller 4-wheelers could go under the tree but the big one didn’t fit so out came the winch and of course the snacks. I’m using this same layout for all 6 of the boys scrapbook pages. The card in the center is from one of the Project Life boxes that Stampin’ Up! used to carry. It actually was my inspiration for these page designs.

Wyatt’s Birthday Itasca State Park

We celebrated Wyatt’s 4th birthday during our camping trip to Itasca State Park in October. I chose the matting colors from the stripes on the paper.


My grandson Isaac was so excited when his dad (my son Corey) and his soon to be Step-Mom Anna were planning on getting married. He told everyone that ‘we’re getting married’, it was so cute. But I think all of the excitement plain wore him out. I loved this photo of him and Corey. I actually had about 3 other photos with him being held by other people as well and had planned on putting them all on one page, but when I opened the envelope with the photos for this page, the other photos weren’t there. I took it as a sign and decided to go ahead and leave this photo by itself.

Wedding Day

Corey and Anna wanted to hold the ceremony out on the edge of our woods. We have a pasture in the front, so we created a walkway with logs standing on end with flower pots on top of them. Corey is a big antique car fan so Anna’s dad Dave drove her out to the site in Corey’s car and then walked her up the isle. Then, of course, they used the car with cans dangling, as their get away. As I look at all the beautiful wedding photos, I ask myself why one of us didn’t think to drop the electric fence rope that shows up in all of the photos, lol? It’s sort of like the fly on the lens.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


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