Yesterday my new week old granddaughter, Lilly was able to come home from the hospital. Our whole family was SUPER excited. Both sets of grandparents were invited over to meet her. I was so excited that I didn’t take hardly any picture, lol. When it was my turn to hold her, I sat down on the couch and placed her on my knees and then we all sat around watching her. So tiny and so perfect!

Lilly with Mom, Anna
Lilly with Dad, Corey and Big Brother Isaac

One of their friends gave them a card that read: “How many babies does it take to totally change your life?” Inside it said, “one”. I thought that really hit the mark. Although it’s been many years, I still remember how much each new baby changed our family. They all have their own unique personality. I love all 6 of my grandsons, but I sure am happy to welcome a granddaughter into our family.

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