Happy November!

Today is National Deviled Egg Day! It’s also Voting Day, and I’m happy to say it’s Robyn’s back on her feet day! Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t blog, because my brain wasn’t up to putting words together, lol. At my morning yoga class I couldn’t even breathe correctly, while everyone else was breathing in, I was breathing out! Have you ever had a day like that? Like your mental gears just aren’t lining up? Well, yesterday I was going to share with you some photos of the fun that I had over Halloween. So, you get to see them today instead.

We have a tradition in our family of hosting a pumpkin carving party, which was started by my youngest son Ethan when his siblings started moving away from home. He grows pumpkins every year for the party and some years he and his friend Sheldon have competitions to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin. This year, no date worked for everyone so we ended up having 3 pumpkin carving gatherings.

Zen painting his Coffin

I found these cute wooden coffins at Crafts Direct and gave one to each kid with the option to paint them themselves. They were a big hit, and how on earth can they make and sell them for under $2?

Salem painting his coffin

Salem and Zen were the first pumpkin carvers and they actually painted both their coffins and their pumpkins. It’s funny, I envisioned the coffins orange but not a single kid painted an orange coffin. Silly grandma, coffins aren’t orange!


Bryson, Huntley and Wyatt were the next round of pumpkin carvers at the actual carving party. I’m glad that I snapped some quick pictures of their costume before they took them off!

Bryson with his Mummy

At 10, Bryson can now carve with the other master pumpkin carvers. No help needed.

Batman Huntley

I’m not sure if Huntley planned his shirt and pumpkin to coordinate so well, but they sure do!


As usual Wyatt was moving so fast in his Scooby costume that I only caught a blur. He loved this costume and made a great Scooby Doo.

I’m pretty sure one of the adults made this Scooby Doo pumpkin for Wyatt.

Kitty Pumpkin by master carver Karissa.


More Ninja Turtles…

Grandpa Gary isn’t a pumpkin carver but enjoys seeing the kids have fun.

Isaac carving his pumpkin

The Third Pumpkin Carving took place with Isaac and his sister Lilly. Isaac was pretty serious about carving this pumpkin!

Lilly Pumpkin

Lilly wasn’t super happy about being put inside a pumpkin! It did make for a cute picture though.

Halloween night, some of the gang gathered in Winsted at Corey and Anna’s home for Trick or Treating. Zen and Salem didn’t like their mom’s costume. They thought it was scary! I had to do a little begging to get them to stand close.

Ninja in a Bag

There’s always sure to be some horse play when Uncle Ethan gets together with his nephews.

The Tool Guy
Dad (Corey) and Lilly

I was super impressed by this cute Pokemon Togepi costume that Corey made for Lilly. It’s a white onesie and he colored it with markers.

The little Ninja was getting pretty tired of Grandma and her pictures! He wanted to get Trick or Treating!

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Thanks for letting this proud Grandma share. I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun Thanksgiving card, using the Merriest Frames Hybrid Embossing Folder.

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