Bottled Happiness

Today’s card started with a memory of a childhood family pastime. Dump digging. Yes, we used to go old dumps and look for bottles, china, and other artifacts. Not exactly like the archaeologists discovering King Tuts Tomb, but pretty cool stuff for an 8 year old in northern Minnesota, ya? Some of the dumps were in old farmyards and I always liked trying to imagine what the farm looked like when people lived there. What animals did they have, what did the children do for fun? The purple colored glass was my favorite, but the blues were pretty too. The bottles looked pretty in a display in front of a window. Maybe it was the beginning of my love of color.

This card was really easy to make using the Bottle Punch. Stamp the bottle on three different bright cardstock colors and layer onto a 3″ x 4″ strip. The He’s the Man Designer Series Paper in the background is actually 2 strips which are 1 1/4″ x 4″ because I’m hoarding my paper stack, but a 5 1/4″ x 4″ piece would be easier to use. The greeting is from the Campology stamp set and seemed to fit perfectly with my vision of sunlight shinning through colorful bottles.


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Classic Matte Dots


As I listen to the news in the background, I just would like to ask you to pray for the families affect by the recent school shooting in Texas. I don’t usually insert any political views on my blog, but please think hard about how important gun freedom is to you when voting for government officials. Is it more important to be free to own an automatic weapon, or for our children to be able to attend school without worrying about being shot.

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