Regal Reindeer

What a full circle weekend! My weekend included a wake, a baby shower, euthanizing a horse, a grandson’s birthday party and a graduation party. My husband’s aunt lived a wonderfully full life, I will miss talking to her at parties. The baby shower was for a neighbor girl who grew up across the street and I’m so excited for her. Having to euthanize my 27 year old horse was totally unexpected and very sad. He had a good life too, but his barn buddy and I are sure missing him. The birthday party was a perfect pick-me-up. A dozen kids running around a playground, a piñata that didn’t break easily and some good picnic food, topped off by a root beer float at our great-nephews graduation party.

So, to totally switch gears from this weekend, I decided to create a simple card using one of the Christmas stamp sets that is featured in the upcoming July to December Mini Catalog.

The Regal Reindeer stamp set and matching Reindeer Dies were one of the first items that caught my attention in the new catalog. The stamp set was what really stood out to me, with the pretty reindeer. I like to design some Christmas cards that are fairly simple, quick and easy to create so I wanted this card to be clean and simple. The greeting is heat embossed with black embossing powder. The little grounding image is just stamped with ink.

I hadn’t even really noticed this reindeer die at first, which doesn’t have a matching stamp. The halter and harness have separate dies.

Here’s my old Teako in his winter fur. He was so pretty when he would get excited about something and hold his tail up and prance around the pasture. Of course, that’s something that he hasn’t done in a long time.

Here’s to hoping that this week is a quiet one without any life changing events! Hope you have a great week too. If you need a new holiday catalog, let me know.

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